The XV of France steps up to the plate for the Galthié controversy

While the French XV is currently preparing to face Namibia for its third match of the Rugby World Cup, Fabien Galthié found himself at the heart of the controversy. Indeed, the Blues coach was filmed making very strong remarks against young people at Stade Français. Galthié’s words then provoked a strong reaction, but now the players of the XV of France stepped up to the plate.

Lately, Fabien Galthié took care of young people from French Stadium for training. But now a sequence has caused a lot of noise. Indeed, the comments made by the coach of the XV of France shocked some. “ Put me the best players at receiver, stop putting painters on me. Give me guys who are awake, not guys who are sleeping as receivers! A guy who knows how to play ball, a skillful guy, not a one-armed guy », a-t-on pu entendre dire Fabien Galthié.

“You have to play it down more than take it seriously to create a buzz”

For some, the words of Fabien Galthié were moved. But this is not the case for others, notably like players of the XV of France. At a press conference, Thomas Ramosthe back of the Blues, confided about this affair Galthié : « He’s not necessarily more tense than usual. I’m not going to speak for him, but we’re in an environment where we use words that don’t mean what we think. We take it as a joke when we talk to each other like that. The young people from Stade Français also laughed at certain moments. You have to play it down more than take it seriously to create a buzz. From time to time, we like it when Fabien is tense too so it’s very good ».

“It sometimes does us good to get moving”

Also passing in front of journalists, reported by RMC, Thibaud Flamentsecond line of XV of Franceconfessed on Fabien Galthié : « It is quite incisive, the message is clear. It sometimes does us good to get moving, to question ourselves, it allows us to move forward ».

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