Théâtre des 13 Vents: the national drama center of Montpellier is still betting on “long time”

The national drama center of 13 Vents, in Montpellier, has built its 2023/2024 season on “long time”, loyalty and novelty.

13 Winds stand against the times which run to their ruin but for, thirteen times for, the long times which march. This is how the philosophy of the Théâtre des 13 Vents, the national drama center of Montpellier, could be summarized, under the governance of Nathalie Garraud and Olivier Saccomano.

When it came time to present the 2023-2024 season, the first named said it again. Better: “We continue to measure to what extent in a moment of very strong social, economic and political difficulties, it is important to provide hospitality to artists and audiences over a long period of time. And how much this contributes to building significantly different relationships than those of unbridled consumption.”

An artistic team invited each month

Concretely, this “long time” which the CDN is particularly keen on translates into the monthly reception of a single team over six of the eight months that this new season lasts. In addition, ten of the seventeen pieces presented will be repeated creations, produced or co-produced by 13 Vents.

“This is our main mission as CDN: the creation, production and support of artistic teams, insisted Nathalie Garraud. It seems to us that year after year we manage to produce better, to better welcome and above all to better share this tool that we have been running for almost six years.

“Without going into too much detail about the programming (we will come back to it as we go along), we can point out that this season, we will be able to see three creations by the artists of the Associated Ensemble: Jonathan Capdevielle will perform, once is not customary, a repertoire piece, in this case Caligula by Camus in October; Marion Aubert will deal with female transformation in March with Mues, directed by her lifelong accomplice Marion Guerrero; finally, Céline Champinot will evoke the emotions adolescents, even in their suicidal dizziness, as immortalized by Shakespeare, with Juliet and Romeo also died in March.

In the meantime, in December, Nathalie Garraud and Olivier Saccomano will have re-shown their latest creation, Institut Ophélie, which was one of the very beautiful discoveries of last season: “The piece has changed a lot since its creation in October 2022, and it has almost finished its movement”, specifies Nathalie Garraud.

A new collection of works

Movement is still a question in this 2023/2024 season through its new products. “In partnership with Éditions théâtres, 13 Vents are launching a collection of works “Méthodes” which will give voice to creators, announced Olivier Saccomano.

Three types of works are planned: major interviews with directors or choreographers on their working methods, critical or theoretical essays, and finally theatrical texts augmented with their creative documentation.” In bookstores on October 19, the first delivery will respectively concern Maguy Marin, Jean Jourdheuil and finally the latest creations of the CDN bosses, Un Hamlet de minus and Institut Ophélie.

Another novelty, or rather “renewal”: the “Qui vive!”. The formula of this monthly meeting scheduled by guest artists is changing: from now on, it will systematically combine the screening of a film (fiction or documentary), a meeting with a personality (intellectual, thinker, activist, etc.) and the representation of ‘a piece from a young company.

“Our theater being very frequented by young people (and we are delighted), it seemed essential to us to make a specific place for this youth alongside the established teams that we invite for the month”, explains Nathalie Garraud, who specifies that these “Who lives!” will always be preceded by Olivier Neveux’s seminar, narrowed this season to a single, simple, accessible question: “What does it mean to watch a show?” First elements of response to 13 Winds in October!

The Performing Arts Biennale

Initiated by the Théâtre des 13 Vents, designed and supported by fifteen partners from Montpellier and surrounding areas, the Biennale of Performing Arts in the Mediterranean returns for its 2nd edition from November 8 to 25. With a vast program of shows, workshops, meetings and readings combining theater, dance, music, circus and contemporary writing. At 13 Winds, three creations co-produced by the CDN are planned: “Il tango della capinere” by Emma Dante (Palermo), “Milk” by Bashar Murkus (Haïfa) and “Ordalie” by Chrystèle Khodr (Beirut). Full program coming soon!

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