“This decision was not easy to make”, Tommaso Allan (Italy) pauses his international career in the middle of the Tournament

This Wednesday Tommaso Allan, the fly-half or full-back of the Italian selection, announced that he was putting his international career on hold. A withdrawal in the middle of the 2024 6 Nations Tournament that the USAP player explained on his social networks.

This is a surprising decision to say the least. In the middle of the 2024 6 Nations Tournament, the Italy fly-half or full-back has decided to put his international career on pause. On his Instagram account, Tommaso Allan explains his choice: “This decision was not easy to make. It was a very tiring year physically and mentally. Being away from my family for months only made things more difficult. The decision was made for my well-being and that of the team. Thank you as always for your continued support. Forza Italia.

Quesada : “We decided with him on an additional period of rest”

An indisputable holder with the Italian selection, Tommaso Allan therefore informed the federation of his decision as well as his coach, Gonzalo Quesada, with whom he would have reached an agreement to step back. “The Italian coach, after a discussion with the player after the match in Dublin, decided by mutual agreement with him not to select Tommaso Allan for the third day of the Tournament. The Perpignan midfielder requested to observe a period of rest from his international activity”explains the federation in a press release.

“Tommaso is an excellent professional and, more importantly, a person of unquestionable value. Men, even before athletes, are at the center of our evaluations and that is why, after talking with Tommaso and fully understanding his needs , we decided with him on an additional period of rest”assures Gonzalo Quesada.

If the Perpignan resident will not set foot on the pitch against France on February 25according to information from the Independent it may well be that he will no longer wear the Italian tunic at all by the end of the Tournament.

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