Top 14: A disaster is predicted for Urios!

Last Sunday, ASM Clermont Auvergne experienced a real disappointment at the Chaban-Delmas stadium when facing UBB. The players led by Christophe Urios suffered a severe defeat with a clear score of 7 to 41, thus plunging further into crisis. Mourad Boudjellal fears the descent to Pro D2.

Following the crushing defeat of Clermont in front of l’UBB during the last day of Top 14 (7-41), Christophe Urios, although disappointed, refused to give in to panic by evoking a fight to maintain. However, he does not hide his incomprehension at the turn of events, a feeling shared by many players in the world of rugby, starting with Mourad Boudjellal. The former president of RCT is very worried about the Auvergne people.

“What is going on in this club?”

« Clermont, monument in danger. I, who hated and hated the Clermont team, do not recognize you. There’s nothing left, nothing left. The balloons carried? They are not moving forward. The Clermontois players, they only have the Clermontois jersey, but in no way the desire and the talent of the Clermontois players of the time. What is going on in this club? Qualified for the European Cup? But it’s the second European Cup, the very small one and you act as if it were the big one. It’s not your level “, he declared in his column Mourad of Toulon broadcast on Eurosport. Mourad Boudjellal talks about relegation for the team Christophe Urios.

“The worst can happen”

« I guarantee you that before, when we went to the Michelin stadium, we shook! It was hard ! And when we played you in the European Cup, we were afraid because we knew we were going to shit! We beat you, but we were going to shit. But it’s no longer Clermont. What is happening in Clermont, despite all of Urios’ efforts? This team is unrecognizable and be careful friends from Clermont: the worst can happen because honestly, I no longer recognize Clermont “, added Mourad Boudjellal. Please note, however, that the Jaunard gave themselves some air thanks to their victory over the French Stadium SATURDAY. But they will still have to fight to save their skin.

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