Top 14 – Ange Capuozzo: “Having physical freshness, I hope to be able to play a series of matches with Toulouse”

Back with Toulouse for two weeks, Ange Capuozzo will start on the wing against the Pau Section this Sunday evening. The Italian international is enjoying his return to the club, and hopes to play more matches.

How was your return to club after the World Cup?

Everything quickly returned to normal for me. It’s definitely nice to see friends again and get back to our habits together.

Were you one of those who wanted to move directly to Toulouse?

Yes. It was important to plan for something else after the World Cup. I think everyone needed closure on this episode. For my part, I had physical freshness. Coming back and settling down at home is good, but doing a series of outings with Toulouse was also one of my goals. I am very happy to have been able to apply with the group for the resumption of the Top 14.

The ball risks being wet on the pitch in Pau, have you worked on catching high balls this week?

We’re starting to get used to this climate after the week we’ve just had. So yes, we will have to be clean under the high balls but there are plenty of other things that will count. This could be a special match but we will stay true to our game.

Do you want to prove yourself after a first season in Toulouse truncated by a few injuries?

Obviously, it plays a role. I also want to take part in the collective adventure. Personally, I had a bit of a bitter taste at not having been able to line up the outings last season.

How did you experience the switch between the atmosphere of the World Cup and that of the Top 14?

It feels good to get back into it and come back home. The World Cup is magical, but it sucks a lot of energy. For now, between the preparation for the World Cup and the missed end of last season, I needed to wear the Stade Toulouse jersey. I switched quite quickly in my head. It was a great adventure but it’s behind us now.

What do you remember from your journey with Italy?

We are quite satisfied because we directly managed to qualify for the next World Cup, in 2027. The schedule meant that we had to challenge the All Blacks and France on the last two days. We wanted to create a surprise, but that wasn’t the case against two huge teams. We have nothing to be ashamed of our performance. It’s a competition that is very positive overall.

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