Top 14 – Benjamin Urdapilleta suspended a week after pushing Ronan O’Gara

The decision was expected. After his moody gesture towards Ronan O’Gara, Benjamin Urdapilleta had to appear before the disciplinary committee. This suspended him for a week from competition and fined him one thousand euros.

It was a gesture that caused a lot of talk. During Clermont’s victory against La Rochelle at the beginning of September, the highlight of the match was a scuffle started by Benjamin Urdapilleta after twice pushing Ronan O’Gara. As soon as the match ends, the maritime club had requested the quote from the Argentine opener following this incident. The disciplinary committee therefore dealt with this bloodshed and sanctioned the former Pumas with a one-week suspension. That’s not all because the Clermontois will also have to pay a fine of one thousand euros.

The commission explains this decision on the grounds that it is a “damage to the image, reputation or interests of Rugby”. Given the World Cup break, his requalification date is not yet known. The 2018 French champion is expected to miss the match against Lyon on October 29.

“I think we have crossed the line”

Following the meeting, the tension had not subsided between the former Tarnais and the former Munster. The latter had also found that the Jaunard’s gesture was not acceptable. : I know I’m not an angel, but there is respect, and tonight I think we crossed the line.” He even allowed himself to provoke the 37-year-old: “He didn’t have the class to apologize. I understand, he is a player who is frustrated at not playing in the World Cup, and who perhaps has a very low CV. That’s how it is with guys like that, unfortunately.”

For his part, Benjamin Urdapilleta defended himself from any intentionality. He explained that during the meeting, he could sometimes have “some excesses.” He also wanted to show that the La Rochelle coach had embarrassed him: “He’s smart, I think he did on purpose to prevent me from catching the ball. At the time of the action, we were behind in the score so it was complicated. But it’s sport, it can happen. Once the match is over, you forget.”

Lanen cleared, Dakuwaqa suspended for six weeks

But Urdapilleta was not the only ASM player to come before the committee. Thibaud Lanen, too, was cited. But the second row was not sanctioned and will therefore be able to play against Lou. For his part, Masivesi Dakuwaqa was recognized as “Brutalities” and received a six-week suspension.

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