Top 14 – Clermont faces nineteen contract terminations, three-quarters of its young people picked up by French clubs

Clermont faces nineteen players at the end of their contract. In the middle of the World Cup break, the ASM sees several of its young elements being picked up by the Top 14 teams.

In the midst of the excitement of world Cup, the Top 14 is dormant. But in several clubs, this long truce of a month and a half should also allow a recruitment plan to emerge for the 2024-2025 season. While Lyon is working in particular to resolve the fate of fourteen players at the end of their contract, Clermont should also begin major maneuvers. Because ASM has nineteen players arriving at the end of their lease next June. A colossal figure when several elements are already targeted by several Top 14 teams.

Young Clermont residents flirted with from outside

Among them, some great Clermont hopes are targeted. This is the case of Killian Tixeront (21 years old), Daniel Bibi Biziwu (22 years old) and Giorgi Beria (23 years old). The former captain and third row of the Bleuets had already aroused desire on the Pau side two years ago, before finally re-signing with his training club. A pure product of the Auvergne region, “Tix” notably shared playing time with Peceli Yato and Lucas Dessaigne, during the first three days of Top 14.

Daniel Bibi Biziwu (left) and Killian Tixeront (right, black helmet) are attracting interest from French clubs.

Daniel Bibi Biziwu (left) and Killian Tixeront (right, black helmet) are attracting interest from French clubs.
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Daniel Bibi Biziwu’s CV is also on the table of four French clubs. The young Clermont pillar found playing time at the start of the season, with two appearances against Perpignan and La Rochelle. Mobile and dynamic with the ball in hand, the profile of “Bibi”, in addition to being JIFF and with high potential, attracts clubs from France, just like Giorgi Beria. In a different register, the under-twenty world champion is also being courted. Already in difficulty regarding the number of JIFFs, the ASM will undoubtedly have to prioritize certain files, to focus on the three-quarter line.

A three-quarter line to remodel?

The entire Clermont back line is at the end of their contract. Sébastien Bézy is notably on Lyon’s shelves while the scrum-half has regained confidence with Christophe Urios at the start of the season. Behind, the X factors Urdapilleta, Moala, Raka and Newsome are also reaching the end of their lease. Four important players, and three non-JIFF players (except Raka) as well.

The list of 19 Clermontois at the end of their contract

Yohan Beheregaray, Giorgi Beria, Daniel Bibi Biziwu, Benjamin Boudou, Rabah Slimani, Paul Jedrasiak, Tomas Lavanini, Lucas Dessaigne, Killian Tixeront, Fritz Lee, Sébastien Bézy, Benjamin Urdapilleta, Jules Plisson, Irae Simone, George Moala, Julien Hériteau, Alivereti Raka, Marvin O’Connor, Alex Newsome.

So, what will Clermont’s strategy be for this quartet? Because Irae Simone is also at the end of his contract. Powered as captain by Urios, the Clermont manager is obviously counting on him. In terms of arrivals, Clermont is therefore primarily targeting JIFFs. Before extending to Lyon, Léo Berdeu’s profile also interested Clermont’s leaders. In the columns of Midi Olympique, we also wrote that Antoine Gibert and Sipili Falatea were targeted by the Auvergne club. A way to (re)bring in promising French people while the ASM has no Tricolore for the 2023 World Cup.

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