Top 14 – Toulouse achieves the big blow on the pitch of Racing 92

With a success on the pitch of Racing 92, Stade Toulouse hits hard on Sunday evening at the end of the 13th day of the championship. A 20-27 victory for Antoine Dupont and his partners. Toulouse is the first team to bring down Racing 92 in their home arena this season. in Top 14. And the reigning champion even deprives his opponent of the slightest bonus point at the end of this match. However, Racing 92 remains leader while Toulouse strengthens its 4th place.

So far, Racing 92 has been imperial at home in this Top 14 season. With 6 victories in as many matches played in its lair, and with 4 offensive bonuses as a bonus. But the Ile-de-France team came up against a Toulouse team which has raised its level of play in recent weeks. A Toulouse in Champions Cup mode which therefore wins at the Paris La Défense Arena (20-27).

A war of possession

Leader of the Top 14, Racing 92 begins its match in championship boss mode. Deprived of some of its usual engines. The Ile-de-France residents are indeed hitting the ground running. This results in a try from Donovan Taofifenua on his wing, served by a pass to the foot of Martin Méliande (7-0, 5e).

However, you should not annoy the reigning champion too much. In the aspiration of his forwards, Antoine Dupont escapes behind a carried ball and victoriously completes the offensive (7-7, 16e). The Haut-Garonnais are firing on all cylinders with their attack. On a new offensive, the ball twirls towards the left wing of Arthur Retière, notably with a tap from Sofiane Guitoune. But the winger is pushed into touch in the corner by a huge return from Henry Chavancy (22e). The visitors insisted and imposed a few long sequences which shook the opposing defense. On one of them, Piula Faasalele completes the last meters to score Toulouse’s second try (10-12, 31e). If Tristan Tedder gives back the advantage to Racing 92 on penalty (36e), the score at the break is tight. And the fate of the match far from being sealed (13-12).

Toulouse dynamics

In this rather fast-paced part, the two teams are still each deprived of driving forces, retained by the French team. However, that doesn’t stop the presents from shining. Sofiane Guitoune and Pita Ahki sink into the Ile-de-France defense and after a one-two between the two friends, Sofiane Guitoune crosses the goal line without being able to score another try (45e). And when Mauvaka and Marchand are not there to guide the truck of Toulouse balloons? No problem, Guillaume Cramond appears. The very dynamic ball carried left the Ile-de-France defenders in place. For a third try (13-19, 46e).

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In this game which turns into a war for possession, each team has its highlights. But the next one which is favorable to the Racingmen is not materialized on the accounting level. Long minutes where the locals end up getting stuck in the Toulouse defense. The Haut-Garonnais are holding back, like an excellent scratch made by Arthur Retière and rewarded with a penalty in his 22 meters. Certainly, by dint of defending the Toulouse residents are pushed into error and Joshua Brennan collects a yellow card (64e). But it still takes several minutes for the Ile-de-France residents to break the opposing defensive barrier. By fixing on the scrum, Racing 92 scores by Tristan Tedder, on a service from James Hall (20-22, 75e).

The Toulouse finish

While the Ile-de-France residents pushed for many minutes to get back on track, they were punished almost instantly. A breakaway from Pierre-Louis Barassi, a relay from Paul Mallez and a final run from Ange Capuozzo allowed Toulouse to make the last decisive push. (20-27, 76th). Stade Toulouse offers itself a precious away victory, on the leader’s lawn. A good operation for a Haut-Garonne team which had so far only won 5 points away from home, including a victory at Oyonnax in September. This success allows us to consolidate the 4e place of Toulouse while Racing 92 – still leader in the standings – misses the opportunity to widen the gap a little. On the next day, Stade Toulouse will host Bayonne and will seek to continue its momentum. At the same time, Racing 92 will travel to the USAP pitch. With undoubtedly the desire to immediately return to success.

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