Traitors to OM? Longoria balances internally

In recent days, there has been a crisis at OM. The Marseille club could also have lost its president, Pablo Longoria having considered leaving after being threatened by supporters during a meeting on Monday. Finally, the Spaniard announced that he was staying. But the latter did not hold back from denouncing a few people to Frank McCourt.

Nothing is going well anymoreABOUT for a few days. After the draw against Toulouse last Sunday, a real crisis broke out within the Marseille club. The situation also degenerated after a meeting this Monday between supporters and Marseille management. Many heads have been claimed, including that of Pablo Longoria who would even have been threatened.

In the midst of a crisis, Longoria remains at OM

The president of theABOUT had then withdrawn from his functions while waiting to decide on his future. And this Friday, Pablo Longoria announced that he was staying on the Canebière. The Spaniard would nevertheless begin to doubt certain people internally.

A few people were reported to McCourt

According to information from Sports Zone, Pablo Longoria reportedly complained about the meeting Frank McCourt, but not only. The president of theABOUT would have especially pointed the finger at a few dissidents, whom the Spaniard would describe as being “ agents-doubles ». Pablo Longoria would believe that there would be traitors internally, and he did not fail to let the owner of theABOUT.

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