Two forgotten penalties, PSG is doing well (a former referee says so!)

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Yes theABOUT lost 2-0 in Rennes, PSG won 6-2 against Montpellier on Sunday evening. However, this meeting was punctuated by several refereeing errors in favor of the Parisians…

Because if the MHSC benefited from a penalty, two others were forgotten. In the 10th minute, Arnaud Nordin came up against Lucas Beraldo and in the 81st when Nuno Mendes brought down Mousa al-Tamari. Consultant for the media l’Equipe, the former international referee Said Ennjimi explained that according to him these two faults should have been whistled and Paris sanctioned two penalties.

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French refereeing is in great difficulty every weekend

“Montpellier should have benefited from three penalties. In the first situation, Beraldo pushes Nordin without playing the ball, this fault would have been called in the midfielder, confides Saïd Ennjimi. I repeat that the surface must be considered like any other part of the pitch, therefore there was a penalty. On the second situation, I agree with Mr. Batta and I too would have whistled a penalty. Even if Donnarumma touched the ball, he did not control his movement. Finally on the third, Mr Batta makes the right decision, I don’t understand how le WAS can ask him to reconsider his choice since Nuno Mendes puts his body in opposition while Al-Tamari has passed. There is no debate. When we put this into perspective with the penalty awarded to PSG against Rennes (which allowed the Parisians to equalize [1-1] at the end of added time), it leaves you wondering. French refereeing is in great difficulty every weekend. I doubt it’s one man’s fault.

the evil is deeper as the referees are too often in difficulty.”

March 18, 2024

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