“Unacceptable”: white worms found in the canteen meals of schoolchildren in three establishments in the Var

On Friday September 8, 2023, students from three schools in the town of Castellet in the Var had the unpleasant surprise of discovering worms in their meal in the canteen. The mayor of the town contacted his service provider to ask him for accountability.

On September 8, students and municipal agents from three schools in Castellet in the Var discovered white worms in their “very sticky” rice dish served in the canteen. The schools of Sainte-Anne and Brulat noticed this in time, unlike the Plan school where the students ate their meal, reports BFMTV.

“It may be maggots but it can be dangerous and harmful”

The parents of the students were informed of the situation this Monday, September 11, 2023 via a press release from René Castell, the mayor of the city: “No substitute meal was offered to the children. I am sincerely sorry,” explains the document.

The situation provoked strong reactions from parents. Quoted by BFMTVClaude, a parent of a student, is indignant: “We find this unacceptable in relation to the controls” adding “It can be dangerous. It may be maggots but it can be dangerous and harmful to the health of children .”

The mayor of the town contacted the service provider “Nature Collective” to ask for explanations and “to make them face their responsibility”. René Castell also assured that the municipality would “take the necessary measures”.

The service provider awaits feedback from suppliers

Virginie Massaia, director of services at Le Castellet town hall, clarified that the municipality had not yet initiated proceedings: “For the moment we have warned them of our dissatisfaction, we are trying to find together why it came to this and why the agents in place did not notice it before.”

Contacted by BFM, Philippe Rosfelder, president and co-founder of Nature Collective, explains that control procedures are carried out “on this establishment by an independent laboratory and they are always of good quality”.

He adds: “Really, it’s an isolated case, it’s incomprehensible that it could have come out of the kitchen,” he points out. “We have all the traceability. The date has absolutely not passed. I sent this to the suppliers and I am waiting for a return.”

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