Victim of racism, a star of the French XV tells

Today, racism is a real scourge in our society and many have already experienced this situation. This is notably Gaël Fickou. Today, he is a star of the French XV, but a few years ago now, the Racing 92 player grew up near La Seyne-sur-Mer. And this is where Fickou was able to experience racism on the part of the police as he was able to explain it.

AlongsideAntoine Dupont notably, Gaël Fickou is one of the great stars of XV of France. Today he is one of the faces of the team Fabien Galthié who disputes the Rugby World Cup. But before getting there, the player Racing 92 also passed through the French Stadium and the Toulouse Stadium went through different stages. It all started near La Seyne-sur-Mer. It is there that Fick grew up. But everything has not been simple for the current player of the XV of Francehe who notably had to deal with the racism of the police during police checks.

” It’s a reality “

This Monday, for South West, Gaël Fickou returned to one of the passages in his autobiography where he talks about this racism. The player of XV of France then explains: “ It’s a reality. But you have to be on both sides. That of the citizens but also that of the police officers who also experience a lot of things: when you enter a neighborhood and you are insulted 24 hours a day, it’s not easy. It has to change in both directions. That young people stop doing stupid things and that the police respond differently ».

“It wasn’t easy every day but I was very happy”

Also speaking of his youth in his city of La Seyne-sur-Mer, Gaël Fickou also explained: “ It wasn’t easy every day but I was very happy, I didn’t lack anything. And anyway, I didn’t know anything else. I grew up like this but it gave me strength. When I started to see what was happening elsewhere, I wanted to find out even more. I was driven by the desire to evolve. This is how I built myself. And in this, I think my neighborhood has given me a lot ».

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