Video. Rugby World Cup 2023 – Dupont – Jelonch, “First dances”: relive the exceptional documentary on the youth of the two stars

For 71 minutes, “Premières danses” takes us back nine years. During the 2013-2014 season, the Crabos of FC Auch made an impression with Antoine Dupont and Anthony Jelonch in their ranks. To discover or rediscover this exceptional adventure, it’s here!

There are stories that we must tell. With “Premieres danses”, a documentary available on, David Alexander Cassan and Aline Magrez honor a beautiful group of teenagers who left their mark on the green rectangle. This “pack”, as they like to call themselves, are the Crabos of FC Auch during the 2013-2014 season.

Within the Auscitain squad, we find in particular two players from another planet named Antoine Dupont and Anthony Jelonch. Nine years ago, the first player number 10 with the red jersey on his shoulders, the second number 8. With these two headliners, this golden generation left its mark, even to the point of offering itself the doors of the final of the French championship against Racing 92 of Camille Chat, Louis Dupichot and Boris Palu.

“I learned that videos of all their matches exist…”

This film, which lasts exactly 71 minutes, was born a bit by chance: “I was talking with one of the Auscita coaches at the time (Kévin Ribreau, Editor’s note) and I learned that videos of all their matches existedexplains David Alexander Cassan. It was then that I contacted Aline so that we could start making a film. Jean-Marc Bédérède, the manager at the time, gave us all the images, all usable, and we got to work…”

That’s when everyone pitched in. Antoine Dupont offered some archive images, as did his family and that of Anthony Jelonch. For the matches, it was Jean-Marc Béderède, manager of the FCA at the time, who decided in 2013 to already carry out video analyses. A camera placed in the stands which offers previously unseen images in “First Dances”. We can particularly admire the exploits of “Toto” and “Antho”, already above the rest.

These Gersois Crabos brought down almost all the big ones. Their journey is obviously detailed in the film. From the victory in Toulouse in the group stage, through the victory against Perpignan in the quarter-final, then stopping with the defeat against Racing 92 in the final. All these strong moments are told by those who experienced them up close. We think in particular of Grégory Alldritt, the mother of Antoine Dupont, the father of Anthony Jelonch, but also of the referee of the final, found years later. The opportunity to return to the last action of the match against Racing 92, which remains across the throat of the Auscitains, we will let you judge after viewing…

A moving preview in Auch

It was on August 31 that the film was presented in preview at the Auch cinema. Several hundred people were present to discover or rediscover this story as touching as it is human.

The warm ovation after the film was broadcast did not need much explanation. Hearts were won. The public was able to ask a few questions to the “actors”, which gave this evening emotions that the directors had dreamed of sharing.

When teenagers become men in the field, it always offers beautiful images. We’ll let you discover it for yourself.

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