Video. Rugby World Cup 2023 – “Half-time starts are a recurring problem under the Galthié era”

During this Sunday’s “viàMidol” show, a mid-term review of the Blues was carried out. The starts of the period and the defense will be areas to improve.

The Blues beat New Zealand and Uruguay. They now have Namibia then Italy to challenge. You will have understood, France is halfway through the group stage of its 2023 World Cup. The opportunity to take stock, halfway through the group stage in the show “viàMidol”. For Jérémy Fadat, special envoy to the French XV, two points need to be improved.

“Half-time starts are a recurring problem during the Galthié era”, first of all, and in particular that after returning from the locker room, like against the Uruguayans. But on home matches, France has never led under the Galthié era. “To the staff’s liking, I think Shawn Edwards must have emphasized that this week. This team has been used for several years to be very aggressive, to go very hard on the ball carrier and to feed these recovery balls. The return of Jonathan Danty could do good !”

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