Video. Rugby World Cup 2023 – Maxime Médard: “Jalibert has released himself for the rest of the competition”

After a lackluster performance against the Blacks, Maxime Médard returned to Matthieu Jalibert’s World Cup in ViàMidol daily. With optimism, the former full-back thinks that the Bordeaux-Bèglais fly-half launched his World Cup with his decisive pass to Damian Penaud.

Matthew Jalibert found himself propelled into the opening slot at the last moment. If this pressure to play at the hinge for this World Cup may have restricted him, Maxime Médard believes that one action could have freed him. In daily ViàMidol, the former French international returned to the UBB opener’s match against New Zealandwith total confidence for the future of the competition.

A liberating assist

“This thrust that he puts where he offers the try to Damian, it could have freed him for the rest of the World Cup. I think he really needed it because we saw him in first half kicking over the top, we didn’t really know. We saw Thomas Ramos taking his place a lot. I think that with this action, he freed himself up for the rest of the competition. ” explains the columnist.

Matthieu Jalibert is lined up again from the start for this third match of the Blues at the World Cup. He will want to guide the France team to its first offensive bonus against Namibia.

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