What Pol Lirola still costs OM!

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As is often the case with Pablo Longoria, the Olympian summer transfer window was hectic. Marcelino succeeded Tudor, who left only after one season at the head of Olympique de Marseille. No less than 10 arrivals and 13 departures. Undesirables were pushed out by the Marseille president, as with Pol Lirola.

L’ABOUTvery active during this transfer window, has started again on a new project with Marcelinoa coach with a completely different playing philosophy than that of his predecessor, Igor Tudor. Not entering into the plans of the Spanish technician, Pol Lirola was pushed out by Pablo Longoriawhich finally found him a base in Serie A.

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“I told my agent that I wanted to come back to Italy”

The Spanish side rebounded on the side of Frosinone, to his greatest happiness. “ From the start of the summer I told my agent that I wanted to come back to Italy » declared the player during his presentation. “ It’s a championship that I know, just like I know the coach since the Sassuolo days. When he told me to come here, I didn’t hesitate “, he added.

An operation which, however, had a cost for OM. TMW assured this Tuesday that the Marseille club was forced to cover a large part of the salary of Lirola, to be able to close her loan. Marseille would pay the player 1 million euros, while Frosinone 400,000 euros.

Marseille, before giving the green light to this operation, tried by all means to sell Lirola in another way

Guido Angelozzisporting director of Frosinone, explained to the Italian media why his club recruited at the last minute: “Pol Lirola was made official on August 28, he arrived on loan from Olympique de Marseille, like almost all the players who landed in Frosinone this summer. But Lirola, like Kaio Jorge, has a salary that is too high for the coffers of a club like that of President Stirpe. This means that it is not only necessary to secure the loan, but also to close the transaction by ensuring that the selling club pays a good part of its salary. In the case of Lirola, Marseille takes care of one million of his salary, while Frosinone takes care of 400 thousand euros. Obviously Marseille, before giving the green light to this operation, tried by all means to sell Lirola in another way: for OM the ideal solution would have been a permanent transfer, the acceptable would have been a loan with salary fully paid by the club. who hired him. And then there is the solution with which the operation was concluded, the only possible one for a club like Frosinone. »

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