“With all respect to him, no one would care if Kobe…”

Despite his tragic death, Kobe Bryant still sees his name cited in heated debates today. Recently, a former player criticized the modern NBA before a star responded bluntly by including the Black Mamba in the conversation.

Today, some players favor sums over ambition. More and more, we are seeing the presence of absolutely staggering figures in the contracts and salaries of the league’s stars, sometimes to the detriment of the desire for collective results. Money rather than glory is unfortunately the philosophy that a growing number of players in the NBA are adopting in recent times.

Kobe embroiled in controversy over modern NBA

A bit like football fans can see in their sport, the bank account is taking up more and more space in players’ thoughts. Giannis Antetokounmpo had also had fun with this observation recently and had joked by offering its services to Saudi Arabia. Former Spurs Stephen Jackson is not really a fan of this development…

I’m tired of seeing this bullshit on Instagram from basketball players who would rather have 100 million dollars than 50 million and a title. If you come from nowhere, you understand why people say they would prefer $50M and a title. For us, $50M is like $200M, and then it would suck to finish your career without being able to say that you are a champion. Those who favor a 100 million contract without trying to win are losers.

For Stephen Jackson, making $50 million or $100 million is practically the same thing. On the other hand, the value of a champion’s ring proves invaluable in his eyes. Therefore, for him, those who favor simple jackpot would be nothing other than losers. After seeing this message, as viral as it was scathing, De’Aaron Fox wanted to respond to it… and in no way shares his elder’s opinion:

LOL, everyone wants to win but, at the same time, you know that sport is a job right?

With all due respect to him, no one would care if Kobe didn’t agree with these people, I’m sure.

According to De’Aaron Fox, debates about young stars’ views on money and titles are irrelevant. The Kings leader is also convinced that even Kobe Bryant would not prevent his peers from favoring their bank account.

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