World champion with Germany, Dennis Schröder shot for his shocking comments!

Recently, Dennis Schröder enjoyed his greatest career success by winning the World Championships. Obviously, euphoria was in order after the competition but the little German leader was recently destroyed by a former player for his comments after the coronation…

When we are French or American, we prefer to put this last World Cup aside. On the other hand, the Germans will keep unforgettable memories since they won their first title on the world stage thanks to a Dennis Schröder at his prime. The leader is always impressive when he plays in FIBA ​​format, but this time he was downright the best player in the competition.

World champion and tournament MVP, these are still two pretty incredible rewards for a player who was no longer really one of the main options of NBA coaches. Obviously, his joy turned out to be monstrous and he confided that he hoped that all these beautiful events would be used for the next Olympic Games from Paris. Unfortunately, some of his comments caused controversy…

After his exploit, Schröder did a bad job!

In the euphoria and enthusiasm of a world title, we can sometimes make comments that are a little too abusive. Dennis Schröder was thus a victim of his excitement and then confided that the German selection version 2023 was the best team for which he had been able to play during his career. After hearing of this statement, Gilbert Arenas wanted to react on his podcast and sent him a big attack:

If you’re the No. 1 option on the team, we all know it’s a team that’s not that good since you’re the sixth or seventh option in the United States. But I understand why you might say that, I probably would have done the same. But on the other hand, continue to enjoy your title, celebrate and drink as much as you want and do what you want in Germany, but stay out of it.

On the other hand, don’t bring this kind of bullshit to the table. You can’t say it’s the best team you’ve ever played with.

It is true that in the eyes of some, the German is complicated to defend. When we know that he played with LeBron James to the Lakers or even Russell Westbrook, it is hard to believe that this Germany is the best team of his career.

With all due respect to the superb players Andreas Obst and Isaac Bonga, it is indeed difficult to think that they impressed the leader more than some legends of the league. The fact that he is the leader probably played a role in this outing, just to further boost his ego which was already pumped up thanks to his recent exploits in Asia…

Sometimes, some players are better off not saying anything despite their euphoric state. Dennis Schröder was obviously a perfect example according to Gilbert Arenas, who did not fail to call the German leader to order. As usual, Agent Zero doesn’t pull any punches…

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