XV of France – After the words of Fabien Galthié and the story of the “painters”, the coach of the Parisian Espoirs reacts: “It’s all ridiculous”

This morning, the Stade Français Espoirs took part in training against the XV of France, in Rueil-Malmaison. Were they nevertheless offended by having been, for some of them, treated as “painters” by Fabien Galthié at the start of the session? Boris Bouhraoua, the manager of the Espoirs of the capital club, considers the controversy irrelevant…

You were this morning at the Rueil-Malmaison training ground, where the Stade Français Espoirs took part in an opposition session against the XV of France. How did your players react when Fabien Galthié, at the start of training, spoke of “painters” to apostrophize some of them?

All of this does not reflect what my young people experienced this morning. After the training session, the Stade Français Espoirs had stars in their eyes! For two hours, Fabien Galthié looked after them, advised them; he described to them the offensive systems of Namibia, detailed the game of the Blues when he could have just taken care of the XV of France… He was adorable with them and they are simply aware of having experienced an extraordinary experience…

It’s one thing to have been well received and informed of the playing systems that they had to apply as if they were Namibians, future opponents of the Blues. But, nWere they not offended by being called “painter”?

No ! They know what coach language is, sometimes! I might talk to them like that sometimes! All this is ridiculous… Fabien Galthié is a lover of Stade français and a great teacher. It’s just that at the start of training, mine weren’t too awake, they dropped a ball and it shook them as is very common in rugby. It was humor (this is also the position of the FFR, which published a press release this Sunday afternoon following the publication of the video by RMC which captured Fabien Galthié’s remarks live, Editor’s note), that’s all. And I find it sad that we only remember that from the session in question.

Will they come back to train with the France team, if the opportunity arises?

They will come back tomorrow if Fabien calls them! After the session, the coach said to me: “Your young people, they are good. They allowed us to work well: so thank you to you, thank you to them.” That’s the purpose of the thing.

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