XV of France: Antoine Dupont put in danger, he rants

Operated on his maxillo-zygomatic fracture, Antoine Dupont now hopes to be in condition to be able to play the possible quarter-final of the French XV in the Rugby World Cup. While the Blues could face South Africa, Fabien Galthié will really need his scrum half for this clash. However, should we rush Dupont’s return at the risk of putting him at great risk? Some believe that the Stade Toulousain star should not be put in danger.

After the package of Romain Ntamackit is now the wound ofAntoine Dupont with the XV of France which worries an entire country. Victim of a maxillo-zygomatic fracture, the scrum half of Fabien Galthié had surgery with the aim of being able to return for a potential quarter-final of world Cup. However, this will not be without risk for Dupont, which could aggravate his injury in the event of another shock. Obviously, this sparks a big debate…

“These are the circus games”

Pour The Parisian, Olivier Magne opposed the return ofAntoine Dupont in the quarter-final. The former player XV of France then let out a big rant, blurting out: “ I thought that the rugby I had known, where hits were allowed, where you could be knocked out one weekend and play again the next, was over. And I was very happy. But I see no. We are still in Antiquity. These are circus games. The physical integrity of the player was not taken into account. She doesn’t seem to be any more today. I don’t understand how we can envisage the return of Antoine Dupont. If rugby causes such situations, I say no. Like lots of players, I’ve been there. I’ve been playing since I was 5, I’ve been international. I think I have the right to speak. Today we cannot sacrifice the health of the players. I leave the diagnoses and decisions to the doctors. It’s not up to the player to choose. He will always want to go on the field and that can be dangerous. It’s pernicious, by the way. ».

“No one should die or be seriously injured playing rugby”

« You have to take responsibility. Institutions have set up independent commissions to judge concussion protocols. And there, I have the impression that we are ignoring all that and that everyone is pushing for Antoine to be able to play. But let them take his place! Of course we will miss him if he leaves the competition. We may not be world champions without him. But who will tell him, in twenty years, if he has lost an eye, that his sacrifice was worth it? What do his loved ones think about it? They really want them to take this risk? (…) Our sport must evolve. If we’re looking for blood, that doesn’t suit me. It must remain a sport. No one should die or be seriously injured playing rugby “, has followed Olivier Magne. To see what decision will be taken for the return ofAntoine Dupont with the XV of France.

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