XV of France: Dupont gets injured, he rants

Antoine Dupont was injured against Namibia on Thursday at the Stade Vélodrome following a high tackle from Johan Deysel. Since then, the Namibian has been the victim of harassment on social networks even though his action was not intentional and even if it had been, he would not have deserved such harassment. His former president uttered a rant to defend him.

Johan Deysel has been the victim of cyberharassment since Thursday evening. Guilty of a high tackle on Antoine Dupontthe Namibian finds himself in the viewfinder of certain ‘supporters’ of Blues following the injury of the captain of the XV of France which he accidentally caused. He had nevertheless wanted to apologize following this but that was not enough. Passed through France, Colomiersthe Namibian can count on the support of his former president, furious after seeing the insults his former player received.

“It’s unimaginable, disgusting, people are crazy!”

Pour The team, Alain Carrethe president of Colomiersflew to the aid of Johan Deysel. « I’m not on social media, but I was sent screenshots where I saw the insults and threats he received… It’s unimaginable, disgusting, people are crazy! Johan really isn’t a bad player. In five years with us, he has not picked up a single red card (2 in reality). On the action, we see that he does not control his gesture, but he does not come to hurt “, he confided in the sports daily. Alain Carre think that Deysel is devastated following what he has just experienced.

“It must be at the bottom of the bucket”

« I can speak especially well of him as he was my tenant for three years. The day he left my apartment, it was like new. It shows the respectful man he is. I sent him two messages of support today, but he hasn’t responded yet. It should be at the bottom of the bucket. He doesn’t deserve to end this World Cup like this », estimated Alain Carre.

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