XV of France: Forgotten against the All Blacks, Bernard Laporte breaks the silence

Former president of the FFR, Bernard Laporte worked enormously for the holding of this Rugby World Cup. However, today he is somewhat blacklisted from the competition. In Bernard Laporte, who had to resign from his post a few months ago, did not receive any invitation for the opening match against New Zealand. What’s stuck in his throat? The main person responded.

Given his legal problems, Bernard Laporte had to resign from his position as president of the FFR a few months ago now. And today, French rugby seems to have forgotten the man who was also the coach of XV of France. Indeed, despite his involvement in the organization of the 2023 World Cup, Laporte was not invited to attend the meeting between the players of Fabien Galthié and the New Zealand at the opening of this World Cup.

“It lacked elegance, class, respect”

Pour Free Midday, Bernard Laporte returned to the fact of having been forgotten for this meeting between the XV of France and the New Zealand. The former president of the FFR then blurted out: “ It lacked elegance, class, respect but that doesn’t matter. What I wanted was for this event to be grandiose. So I definitely don’t want to make a controversy. You know, what made me happy was when I went to the Vélodrome to see two matches during the first weekend. I told my friends: “I always entered everywhere via the red carpet, I now want to go to the stadium like everyone else”. And it was complicated on Saturday! People kept stopping me to say, “Thank you, Bernard.” It made me really happy. I prefer that to a controversy that puts me forward. It’s the World Cup that must be highlighted ».

“No feeling of injustice? For not having been invited, yes. The rest no”

« Frustrated at not reaping the benefits of this World Cup? I promise you no. When I stop doing something and move on to something else, I’m not one to dwell on it. I’ll think about it when I’m in the coffin. There is no room for bitterness or jealousy, life is too short. No feeling of injustice? For not having been invited, yes. The rest no. I took a beating but honestly it makes me laugh. It’s like hitting children on the head when they are right. It doesn’t hurt them. It was me who resigned, I decided to leave », also added Bernard Laporte.

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