XV of France: Humiliated, Galthié unpacks everything

Holder of a Master’s degree in international law, I realized at the end of my university career that it was important to evolve in a field that you appreciate. Overnight, I decided to put an end to my parents’ dream, who saw in me a future lawyer, to make a living from my passion: sport. Since then, I have covered transfer windows and sports news, trying to keep readers informed as best as possible.

The XV of France remains on a worrying streak. For its first match since the defeat against South Africa at the World Cup, the blue group lost heavily against Ireland last Friday (17-38). Present at a press conference before challenging Scotland on the second day of the VI Nations Tournament, Fabien Glathié returned to this defeat.

Marseille must have been a party. The Vélodrome, the scene of a resounding victory of XV of France for his entry into the running in the VI Nations Tournament. It has not happened. Weighed down by the expulsion of Paul WillemseTHE Blues were unable to do anything in the face of Ireland’s accuracy. This is the second largest defeat for the Blues at home in the history of the Tournament, the heaviest having taken place… in 1914 (againstEngland). But after this poor performance, Fabien Galthié wants to bounce back in the face ofScotland this Saturday.

Galthié reflects on the defeat against Ireland

« We are competitors so we want to win every match we prepare. We have lost. In the locker room, in the heat of the moment, it was not the time for analysis but for solidarity. It took courage, commitment. In big moments and in difficult times. It was difficult to live with, of course, there were emotions shared collectively and the notion of a group was very important. » confided the coach, who will trust the same players. Alone Cameron Woki (instead of Willemse) et Louis Bielle-Barrey (instead of Yoram Moefana) were not started in the first match.

“We appealed to the notion of trust”

« We got back to work on Sunday talking about it. We talked about it with the players, we shared feelings which are completely normal. Then we looked ahead to Saturday’s match, what worked and what didn’t work, at 14, I remind you. We appealed to the notion of trust. The players must feel our confidence and we feel their confidence. We are focused on only one thing: helping the French team win, helping the French team win back ” dropped Galthié in comments reported by The team.

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