XV of France: Surprise, he applies to replace Galthié

Since his arrival in 2019, Fabien Galthié has firmly established himself at the helm of the XV of France. His commitment to the French Rugby Federation extends until 2028, which takes him beyond the next World Cup. With such a time horizon, the question of his succession still seems distant. However, some observers are already starting to speculate about the post-Galthié era. For his part, Franck Azéma does not hide his desire to lead the XV of France.

Fabien Galthié seems firmly established as a dominant figure in French rugby. With a contract linking him to the national team until 2028, the coach has an enviable position, difficult to question for the French Rugby Federation, barring a major cataclysm. Despite the failure during the last world Cuphe was also kept at the head of the XV of France. But if the place becomes available, Franck Azéma stands ready.

“If one day it comes up again, I will think about it.”

France has no shortage of talented managers. Currently working at L’ASAP, Franck Azéma is one of them and he could see himself taking the reins of the XV of France if the opportunity presents itself to him. ” It’s hard to answer like that, the results we obtain necessarily play a role. If one day this comes up again, I will think about it, for sure, depending on the context “, confessed Franck Azéma in an interview given to Olympic Midday. However, he remains focused on his current mission and does not XV of France an obsession.

“I’m focusing on how to make USAP win”

« But I don’t get up in the morning thinking about the XV of France. I’m focused on how to make USAP win. Fabien (Galthié) came to see us some time ago. We also met and talked. It’s good for the club as publicity and for the boys, to know that we have an eye on them », specified Franck Azéma.

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