XV of France: The unexpected choice of Galthié!

To prepare for the match against Italy which took place on Sunday and which almost ended very badly (13-13), Fabien Galthié was confronted with a new package, that of Thomas Laclayat. And to compensate for the absence of the pillar of Racing 92, the coach of the XV of France called on everyone’s surprise to Alex Burin, a player who plays in the antechamber of the Top 14, in Pro D2, more precisely in SU Agen.

The XV of France hasn’t been spared from injuries lately. While he was supposed to join the group at Marcoussis last week to prepare for the match against Italy, Thomas Laclayat had been forced to withdraw following an injury to his sides in Top 14 with the Racing. And to replace it, Fabien Galthié called a second division player.

A Pro D2 player with the XV of France

The coach of XV of France gives little importance to the division in which the players play. The proof once again with Alex Burinsummoned to Marcoussis to prepare for the match against Italy while he plays in Pro D2. An unexpected choice to say the least which inevitably made the pillar happy.

“I didn’t believe it right away”

« I got him on the phone, I heard “Hello, it’s Fabien Galthié”. I didn’t believe it right away, especially since I don’t really answer when it’s a number I don’t know. He explained the situation to me, why I was summoned. He put me at ease from the start. Afterwards, I was able to chat with him quite a few times during my stay. He was very kind, attentive, he tried to get to know me. He told me that I had rather continued over the last two seasons. He liked my ability to move, that in scrum it went well. He also had a lot of discussions with the U20 coaches “, Told Alex Burin in comments reported by South West. A taste of the very high level for those who dream of participating in World Cup 2027.

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