XV of France: Unease with Galthié? He comes out of the silence

During the Rugby World Cup, the French XV fell from very high, in the quarter-final, against South Africa (28-29). At the end of an epic match, Fabien Galthié’s Blues failed to have that bit of luck which would have tipped them in the right direction. Some even wondered if the close relationship between Fabien Galthié and Joël Jutge, responsible for the referees, had had the effect of creating stricter refereeing towards the Blues. A rumor widely contested by Jutge.

The quarter-final of the world Cup between the XV of France et South Africa has caused a lot of ink to flow. The arbitration of Ben O’Keeffe had caused controversy, with some judging that the defeat of the Blues was, in part, his fault. But another rumor has arisen, due to a close relationship maintained by Fabien Galthié and…the person in charge of the referees World Rugby.

“We treat all teams the same”

Interviewed by Olympic Midday, Joel Judge, the referee manager for World Rugby categorically refutes the idea of ​​stricter arbitration towards Blues because of his friendly relationship with Fabien Galthié : « Sincerely, I am surprised by your question, especially since as far as I know I am not on the field, so I do not make decisions, and the French team has won a lot over the last three years. . We treat all teams the same. »

“Our relationship is, with Fabien Galthié, I think, very respectful”

« We know each other well with Fabien, we played in the same Colomiers clubadded judge Our relationship is, I think, very respectful. Concerning this report before Italy, there was a clumsiness on my part, absolutely not intentional, because even if we understood their desire to make us aware of a specific point, we did not see ourselves sanctioning Italian behavior, even if this “trend” was indeed questionable. Overall, for three years, we had very fluid relations with the Blues staff, the feedback sent by Jérôme Garcès and the staff was often relevant. Our responses have always been returned promptly. Contrary to what has been said, France has never sent feedback directly to the referees – Ben O’Keeffe included – and has always respected the protocol. »

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