Mercato: He clashes with PSG after being ejected!

Arriving free from Liverpool in the summer of 2021, Georginio Wijnaldum permanently left PSG two years later. The Dutch international was transferred to Al-Ettifaq in Saudi Arabia, but he would have preferred to return to Feyenoord, which was not made possible by the capital club.

The summer of 2021 was very lively PSG. Indeed, it is during this transfer window that Lionel Messi had left the FC Barcelona to join the capital club. The Argentinian was not the only one, since Ashraf Hakimi, Gianluigi Donnarumma et Sergio Ramosas well as Georginio Wijnaldumhad also arrived in Paris.

Wijnaldum did not want to go to Al-Ettifaq

As for the Dutch international (90 caps), he ultimately only played one season with the PSG. After a disappointing first year, Georginio Wijnaldum had been loaned to theAS Rome last year, where he played very little due to a fractured right tibia. Back in Paris last summer, he was pushed out and transferred permanently to Al-Ettifaqin Saudi Arabia, as part of a transfer estimated at €10M, but he had other plans.

“I would have really liked to go to Feyenoord, but Paris was asking €10 million”

Georginio Wijnaldum would have preferred to return to Feyenoordhis training club, which he left in 2011 to go to PSV Eindhoven. And if this was not possible, the 33-year-old midfielder assures that it is the fault of the PSG : « In fact, it’s like this: I had to leave Paris Saint-Germain, there was no future for me there. There were almost no other options. I would have really liked to go to Feyenoord, but Paris were asking €10 million, plus my salary. It was impossible to achieve “, told Georginio Wijnaldum has ESPNin comments relayed by Foot Market.

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