OL: Vulliez wants to “remain assistant”

Jean-François Vulliez during OL - Le HavreJean-François Vulliez during OL – Le Havre (Photo by JEFF PACHOUD / AFP)

Interim coach of OL for a week, Jean-François Vulliez saw Fabio Grosso take control of the squad on Monday. Still on the staff, he wishes to continue as an assistant as part of his training.

Lundi, Fabio Grosso had insisted on the fact that he was disembarking with four deputies, but being able to count on people from the OL house was something important. A message for the deputies still present in Décines and who do not yet know what their future will hold? Maybe so, in any case Tuesday, Jean-François I wantedRemy VercoutreCedric Uras or even Alexandre Honorary were present alongside Grosso and his deputies for the day’s session.

Listening to the interim coach against Le Havre, no final decision seems to have been made yet. “He has very defined roles for the four people who came with him, said I wanted on the club channel. He knows our roles, I am a technical assistant, so I am with him in the field. We get to know his methods.”

“Number 1, it’s not my priority today”

You are Rémy Vercoutre goalkeeper coach, will still be there, the suspense is still there for the rest of the staff even if it seems to be heading towards a rather positive outcome. In any case, the experience of Sunday and a first as number 1 did not necessarily give Jean-François Vulliez a desire for greatness. In full training for the BEPF, he must be on a staff, but has no ambition to continue as main coach.

A role as Fabio’s deputy Grosso would suit him perfectly. “Today, I’m really in training, so I want to stay as an assistant because I think it takes a little time to be number 1. Throughout my career, I’ve gone through assistant positions for two, three years to learn the codes. To be on a Ligue 1 or Ligue 2 bench, you need experience and I need to learn, observe, understand. One day, I will perhaps change like number 1, but it’s not my priority today.”

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