F1: He recounts his ordeal with Verstappen

Living with Max Verstappen at Red Bull is not an easy activity. Sergio Perez knows something about this. Pushed to the limit for several months by his teammate, the Mexican recognizes that you have to have very strong nerves when teaming up with Verstappen.

Sergio Perez has been going through an ordeal for several months at Red Bull. After openly declaring that he wanted to fight for the title with Max Verstappen, the Mexican is mistreated by his teammate who makes him miserable within the Austrian team. Be a teammate of Verstappen is anything but easy, as we recognize Perezvery frank about his cohabitation with the Dutchman.

“Being a teammate of Verstappen at the moment is difficult…”

Sergio Perez emphasizes in particular the psychological aspect. With a Max Verstappen at the top, it is very difficult to fight with him. “ Being a teammate of Verstappen at the moment is difficult… But if you want to drive for Red Bull, you have to live with Max and be very mentally strong to survive it. We all have to appreciate what Max is doing. The level he is currently performing at is extremely high. Give 100% every weekend, whatever the conditions. When you’re your teammate, it’s difficult to digest », conceded Sergio Perez in remarks relayed by Nextgen-Auto. The performance gap between the two drivers can sometimes be explained by the difference in their cars. Perez would benefit from a less efficient car than that of Verstappen. He explains on this subject.

“There is no clear model”

« Verstappen widens the gap mainly in the fast corners. But there is no clear pattern. Let’s put it this way: when the car tends to oversteer, the distance between us increases. In the other direction, I’m much closer “, he acknowledged Sergio Perez. The Mexican is subjected to the law of his teammate and it is here to stay…

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